The Big Bark returns on May 1st.

After a longer than planned hiatus, The Big Bark will be making its triumphant return to your favourite podcast platforms on 1st of May 2021. I took a number of months away from podcasting for a couple of reasons. Firstly, with all the lockdown stuff still going on, it gets fairly difficult to come up with new content. Secondly, a thousand other commitments such as Work, Family, College, Doggies, playing with doggies, walking doggies and much more stuff just happened to take me away from the microphone.

I took some time to change my branding up a bit and to sort out the dreadful audio from older episodes. That pile of utter crap intro that I had from the earlier episodes, well, I’m currently updating all of those old audio files to ensure they use my lovely jingle instead.

So lets look at what else is changing. First of all, we’ll be doing less of the live shows this time around because the quality of the audio from it is simply awful at times so we’ll be focusing on getting our show out on the biggest podcast platforms instead. Speaking of audio quality, we have some cool new podcasting gear is arriving in the coming weeks (see below). Yes I have only just gone off and got myself a Zoom Podtrak P4. If you don’t know what a P4 does, its a nice useful mobile podcasting solution that I can take pretty much anywhere once the lockdown eventually ends. It will create beautiful audio and let me even add in my jingle on one of the little sound pads so that I can do everything on one little console and not worry about editing afterwards then.

Zoom Podtrak P4 Podcast Studio Mixer/Recorder/USB Interface + ZDM-1 Microphone & Headphone Bundle


So next up, our guests. We have a number of new guests lined up here for the upcoming episodes. Who have we got? Well lets see….

  • Carrie Hoade – Dog Trainer with MADRA
  • Nick Rijniers – CEO of Birch & Bark
  • Maeve Humphreys Dog trainer with
  • Paula of Bremeny School for Dog Training:
  • Jamie Sugrue – Tails and Trails


Yes a good few dog trainers there, and we have a reason for that we are going to be having a number of dog training focused episodes moving forward. Don’t worry though, we’ll still be chatting with other doggy professionals and welcoming back some of our regular guests such as:

  • Dr Tim Kirby of
  • Dog Trainer Samantha Rawson
  • Ciaran Sheehan of Muttmitts
  • We’ll be chatting to Dr. John Garrihy of Treaty vets later this season
  • and we’ll be welcoming back Dr. Pete Wedderburn (Aka Pete the Vet) of
  • Along with many many more.

Of course, we’ll still be doing all the things that make this show so awesome, giving away prizes, chatting with dog owners about their dogs and we’ll be bringing back things like dog of the week, Big Bark birthday shoutout. Eventually when some normality returns, we’ll be heading off to some of the best dog venues in Ireland such as Dog parks, dog friendly cafes and we’ll actually get out and about to get to dog shows and other dog related events. We’ll be paying a visit to animal shelters across Ireland and be chatting with plenty of dog business owners along the way.