The Big Bark Dog Podcast #24 Puppy training & Socialisation with Ease with special guest Carrie Hoade IMDT

The Big Bark dog podcast comes to you weekly from Limerick Ireland. With Host Darragh Bourke & canine co-hosts, the big bark talks about everything happening in the canine world.

After an extended hiatus, we’re back for a brand new season, The Big Bark kicks off once again with special guest IMDT trainer Carrie Hoade, lead dog trainer at MADRA.

Today Carrie chats to us all about training your new puppy and the importance of doing the right things when it comes to house training, socialisation and crate training, the do’s and don’ts of puppy training and how trainers have adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic by using remote training tools like Zoom to keep their training sessions going. Be sure to tune in and listen