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The Big Bark is Ireland’s leading canine podcast series bringing you all the latest news, tips and reviews from the canine world. Each episode, we chat to different professionals working in the canine industry.

We chat with everyone from behaviour specialists, canine physiotherapists, groomers, dog walkers, vets and many more. Each episode, we discuss hot topics with our guest panel and review the best products, food and treats, the best places to take your dog on a day out and most dog friendly venues in Ireland.

We have lots of fun along the way and of course we chat with dog owners as well about their dogs to find out more about the bonds that make a dog man’s best friend.

Currently, averaging at Number 5 in it’s category on the Podcast charts, The Big Bark has quickly grown to become a fan favourite. The podcast achieved over 8000 downloads in it’s first season. Season 2 to date has seen over 1100 downloads on Spotify, Itunes, Iheartradio and more.

We work closely with animal welfare groups across Ireland and in December 2020, we spearheaded the fantastic virtual event All I woof for Christmas where we brought together businesses from right across the pet industry in Ireland for a showcase of pet products like no other. All funds raised were distributed between 4 animal charities.

  • Biggest news from the Canine world

  • Reviews of top products & treats for your dog.

  • Adoption Corner with Animal Rescue centres

  • Interviews with Canine professionals

  • Puppy Panel featuring Dog owners & Dog lovers

  • Games including Guess the Crossbreed

  • Dogs of the week from Social Media

  • Big Bark shout out to your birthday dog

  • Weekly Competitions with Great prizes

  • Special Live Events (Coming soon)

The host of The Big Bark is Darragh Bourke, a dog owner with a passion for canine Psychology and behaviour. Here’s a bit more about Darragh in his own words:

I’m Darragh and I’m that crazy dog guy you hear about. Over the last  year, I’ve completed a diploma in Pet Psychology which has opened up my eyes to the extraordinary workings of a dogs mind. plan to become a fully qualified Canine Behaviour specialist in the next 3 years and ultimately follow my lifelong passion of working with dogs.

I have two beautiful dogs, who you see pictured with me here – Milly is a Golden labrador who loves attention more than anything – we call her the princess and then Bruno a Bloodrador (black Lab X Bloodhound) who can be a bit of a shy fellow but has a complete heart of gold.

As the host of the podcast, My goal is to share my experiences with my dogs to the world, chat with some wonderful dog owners and canine professionals along the way and offer a platform to other dog owners to tell us what makes their dog their best friend.

Darragh also hosts the brand new Canine Psychology show which you can find here:

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