The Big Bark #23 festive cheer and a happy new year

The Big Bark 2020 finale:
Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus is coming to town. It’s Christmas time, there’s lots of mistletoe and wine going around and here at The Big Bark We’re getting into the festive spirit. On this weeks show we’re talking about all things Christmas. We have some fantastic special guests today including none other than Santa Claus himself.
Pete “The Vet” Wedderburn joins us on the show to tell us all about his amazing new site, an innovative all in one online solution to find out everything you need to know about your pet. With over 30 years of Pete Wedderburns articles, podcasts and advice from his bestselling book all in one place, this really is a fantastic resource for all things pet related.

Dr. Tim Kirby also comes back to the show along with Samantha Rawson. With Tim, Samantha and Pete, we look back at what has been a strange year in 2020 and look forward to 2021. Carrie Hoade from Madra also joins to tell us all about what has gone on in Madra this year.
We complete our final raffle and announce the total funds raised for Limerick Animal Welfare, MADRA, Dogs Aid & SARDA.

Happy Christmas to all of our listeners

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