The Big Bark – S04 E11 Episode #71 Tis the season: Dogs in Heat & Separation issues

The Big Bark dog podcast sponsored by is Irelands Number 1 dog related podcast. Each episode, Darragh and his trusty sidekick pups Bruno, Milly & Roxy bringing all the canine stories to you, with the biggest interviews with pet professionals.

Today, we’re chatting about Roxy recently going into her first season and how it affected her. She got clingy and needy and she was certainly in discomfort. She hated being away from us and would cry if we left her for a few minutes. With that in mind, we invited Dr. Ashleigh Bugler from Treaty Veterinary Clinic on to chat with us about the different aspects of the heat cycle, from symptoms that your dog is going into season, how to make your dog comfortable during their heat cycle along with tips to help keep your dog safe from every other male doggy in the parish.

Given that Roxy was quite clingy and lonely during her heat cycle, we also brought Samantha Rawson of The Canine College back to the show to chat a bit about Separation issues and Separation anxiety in dogs.

We chat all about our upcoming Christmas special All I woof for Christmas, give details of our Christmas raffle and remind you about our 2023 Christmas charity campaign for DSPCA & Haven Rescue.

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