The Big Bark S04 E07 – Episode #67 Knowing your dog’s breed characteristics & Traits – especially if they’re gonna show you crazy.

The Big Bark dog podcast sponsored by Mutt Mitts Ireland is Irelands Number 1 dog related podcast. Each episode, Darragh and his trusty sidekick pups Bruno, Milly & Roxy bring you the latest news from the canine world with the biggest interviews with pet professionals. The Big Bark is back again this week – and today we’re chatting all about the recent XL Bully attacks in the UK, a man who spent 12.5k on turning himself into a rough collie and how he now gets shunned by “Real dogs” – imagine that! And we share Roxy’s latest shenanigans too.

There’s been a huge amount of debate surround XL bully breeds in recent weeks, and this week we’re diving into that. We welcome Samantha Rawson back to the show this week to chat about knowing your breed, their traits and characteristics along with the breed history.

This week I chat about how Roxy’s recall tracker lead training is going and why my back is totally fecked from that, we also chat about our recent hikes and how she loves getting out and about and smelling all the wonderful aromas of the Lands of Limerick.

All this and more on this week’s episode of The Big Bark podcast – bringing all the canine stories to you.


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