The Big Bark – S04 E01 Episode #61 – My personal Story of the unbreakable Human Canine bond – How dogs can help you through times of heartache and tragedy

Welcome to Season 4 of The Big Bark Canine Podcast

The Big Bark dog podcast is Irelands Number 1 dog related podcast. Each episode, Darragh and his trusty sidekick pups Bruno, Milly & Roxy bring you the latest news from the canine world with the biggest interviews with pet professionals.

It’s a brand new season and We’ve been away for quite a while so this week Darragh explains what is to come on this season. First up, I introduce the rogue known as Roxy and give you just a brief insight into the crazy things she has got up to since she arrived, how she has brought life back to our home and how she is just absolutely crazy and full of life. I chat about the impact she has had on Bruno and Milly and I tell how Grey my hair has gone since she arrived.

Focusing on mental wellbeing and the benefits that our dogs have for our mental health, this season will see a much more academic and research based format. While still focusing on all the happy dog stories, we will be diving into how dogs help us, how we help them and how they help each other. This season, we will be chatting to more dog owners, more dog business owners, trainers, vets, nutritionists and other canine professionals. We not only want to know about what makes these people love dogs so much, we want to know how dogs help their wellbeing.

The best place to start by telling how dogs help our mental health and wellbeing is by telling you my own story. I chat about why it’s taken so long for The Big Bark to come back on the air and talk about how my dogs were there for me during the most devastating time that I have ever gone through, how they helped me and my partner to get through tough times and how equally we helped them when they were coping with their own heartache and loss. The first time i’ve spoken publicly about the personal bond that I experience with my dogs and how they helped me with the loss of my brother.

With much more content coming straight from the hearts of owners and dogs alike, get ready for a season that may pull a few heartstrings but will help us all to connect with our canine partners on a much deeper level.


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