The Big Bark dog podcast is Irelands Number 1 dog related podcast. Each episode, Darragh and his trusty sidekick pups Bruno, Milly & Roxy bringing all the canine stories to you, with the biggest interviews with pet professionals.

This week, we welcome back Dr. Ashleigh Bugler from Treaty Veterinary Clinic to our health hub – Dr. Bugler this week chats about Heatstroke in dogs, the symptoms, and what to do if you believe your dog has heat stroke.

We continue our in depth discussion into Puppies & Yoga Dublin, with some more shocking revelations into the disgraceful practices by the french business operating in more than 10 countries and how the CEO Henri Sagon continues to breach legislation in many of these countries – in Ireland, Henri Sagon’s company is not only encouraging tax evasion in Ireland but also has failed to yet register as an operating entity with the Revenue commissioners or CRO for tax and revenue declaration purposes. The company is also breaching consumer rights following a sudden change in refund policy following our expose along with a systemic failure by Mr Sagons company to comply with vaccination protocols in Ireland.

We also bring you the details of the case of Veterinary inspector Michael O Reilly of Cork convicted and fined for animal neglect recently and banned for 7 years from keeping any dogs.


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