The Big Bark – Episode S05E02 #79 – Dogs & Entertainment: The wonderful days out Vs the lining the breeders pockets

The Big Bark dog podcast is Irelands Number 1 dog related podcast. Each episode, Darragh and his trusty sidekick pups Bruno, Milly & Roxy bringing all the canine stories to you, with the biggest interviews with pet professionals.

This week, we speak with Peter Smyth of Causey Farm about a great day out that is coming up on 25th and 26th of May – Dogitude Festival – This promises to be an entertaining day out for dogs and their owners and we hear about all the wonderful things happening over the weekend which are created as a safe and fun filled day with the dogs welfare in mind.

On the other side of the coin, we look at the practice of Puppy yoga which is fuelling the Puppy breeding industry by offering €1100 to breeders for their puppies to be utilised for Puppy yoga sessions from a new business based in Dublin. We hear from Aoife from My Lovely Horse rescue who recently did their own investigation by posing as a prospective breeder and the things that were unveiled are shocking.

We hear from the owner of Puppies & Yoga – Henri Sagon – a businessman from Paris France who operates Puppies & Yoga in 10 European cities and we hear first hand how this is lining the pockets of commercial puppy breeders in Ireland.


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