The Big Bark Dog podcast #36 Treating animal Injuries with Canine Therapy treatments – with Katarína Kmecová from CDC Animal Therapy

The Big Bark dog podcast is Irelands Number 1 dog related podcast. With new episodes each week, Darragh and his trusty sidekick pups Bruno & Milly bring you the latest news from the canine world with the biggest interviews with pet professionals.

Today, were welcoming long time fan of The Big Bark Katarína Kmecová to the show. Kat is here to tell us all about the various therapy treatments that can help your injured dog to recover from various injuries, Kat chats about the different treatments she offers such as accupressure, massage, reflexology, photobiomodulation and therapeutic exercise to name but a few. Kat outlnes how these various treatments can be super beneficial for your dog and how they can help your dog recover from various injuries, recovery which might not be possible without these treatments.

Thanks to Kat from CDC Animal Therapy for taking part in this episode:
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