The Big Bark Dog podcast #34 with John Garrahy of Treaty Veterinary clinic: Puppy Parenting from a vets point of view:

The Big Bark dog podcast is Irelands Number 1 dog related podcast. With new episodes each week, Darragh and his trusty sidekick pups Bruno & Milly bring you the latest news from the canine world with the biggest interviews with pet professionals. Its’ great to be back doing face to face interviews after staring at people on a computer screen for 18 months and today is no exception.

Today, we’re back one at Treaty Veterinary clinic in Limerick to chat to John Garrahy once again, this time about everything you need to know about welcoming a new puppy to your family. From training to vaccinations, microchipping and pet insurance, its important to do your research when bringing home a new dog. In this episode, John touches on all the different things to watch out for, such as ensuring to meet the Mother of the pups as well as the sire and avoiding meeting potential breeders on the side of a road, something which has become a common trend in recent years. John also touches on different ailments and potential hereditary issues specific breeds may encounter while also chatting about how the rise in Crossbreeding can help to avoid these ailments, but yet with the rise in new breeds such as Cavachons and Cockapoos, breeds which already have their own issues, its possible to see an increase in more health issues down the road. John chats about how a dog is for life and how a dog is not a play toy for younger excited household members. All this and more to come on Part 2 of our special feature with Treaty Veterinary clinic.

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