The Big Bark Dog Podcast #26 Its all Fun & Games – the importance of mental stimulation – with Maeve Humpreys of

The Big Bark dog podcast comes to you weekly from Limerick Ireland. With Host Darragh Bourke & canine co-hosts, the big bark talks about everything happening in the canine world. We’re back this week with Maeve from, a professional dog training business in the mid west, focused on games based training.

Maeve is a strong believer in games based training and the benefits it offers for a dogs mental stimulation. Maeve conducts 1-1 sessions in a dogs home and trains the owner to play the games with their dog in order to build that strong bond and relationship between owner and dog.

Maeve also chats briefly regarding agility training and dog sports, something becoming ever so popular in Ireland over recent years.

Be sure to check out this wonderful episode you won’t want to miss it.

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