The Big Bark #11 – Discussing the sharp increase in Dog thefts in Ireland and how to keep your dog safe.

The Big Bark Series 1 Episode 11: Dog thefts in Ireland

In Todays show, we’re chatting about the sharp increase in dog thefts across Ireland over the last few months, and we’ll be detailing how you can keep your pets safe and prevent the heartache of losing your beloved companion to opportunist thieves as well as what to watch out for. To do this we’re delighted to be joined by our panel of guests. We’re thrilled to once again be joined by Dr. Tim Kirby from Tim will be chatting to us about the important things you can do to protect your pet from being robbed. We’re joined on the panel by fellow dog owners, Ann, Phoebe and Karina who will be giving their reaction to this and we also get to meet their dogs also.

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