The Big Bark #08 Puppy Socialisation, playing and lots of puppy cuddles – LIVE from the Puppy Party at Treaty Vets Limerick.

The Big bark – Series 1 Episode 9

You’re listening to The Big Bark: the dog centric podcast that brings you the latest news from the canine world. I’m your host Darragh Bourke and each episode I meet with professionals from across the Canine industry, from pet shop owners, to groomers, behavior specialists and vets. Along the way we catch up with dog owners to find out more about those special bonds that make a dog mans best friend.

I’m joined in our Barking Mad studio each episode by my amazing dogs Bruno & Milly who between them take the meaning of the word rogue to a whole different level.

Today we’re coming to you LIVE from Treaty veterinary Clinic in Limerick and joining me in the hot seat is Grace Cassidy who leads the puppy parties here at the clinic: a series of sessions designed to help you learn everything you need to care for your new puppy, from socialization to nutrition, health care and behaviour right down to being a responsible owner.

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