The Big Bark #05 – More than A Mans Best Friend – Dogs & our Mental health

You’re listening to The Big Bark Episode 5: More than a Man’s best friend – How our dogs impact our mental healthIt’s World Mental Health day 2019. In this episode we focus on how our dogs positively impact and affect our mental health. We meet with Dr. Tim Kirby to chat about – a new website helping people to source a happy and healthy pet from approved breeders or rescue centre options. Tim will be telling us all about and will be offering his experience as a vet of the affects dogs have on our mental health and also the affects that we as humans have on our dogs mental health. Our business feature focuses in on Purple woofs, a dog walking and pet sitting service in Tallaght, Dublin. We chat with Kelly who runs the business. Kelly’s story about dog walking and pet sitting and being a canine first responder is wonderful. We also get to hear her views on Animal welfare issues in the pet sitting and kennel industry.I am also joined once again by Ciaran from Mutt Mitts Ireland – Ciaran was such a great talker on Episode 4 that we decided sure why not bring him back again. Ciaran chats with me all about dogs impact our mental health and help boost our minds. We’re going to be chatting about the positive effects a dog can have on your mental health, how a dog can improve your socialization skills, how a dog can be a great companion for someone suffering with depression or loneliness, as well as the effects that losing a dog can have on your mental health. We also introduce a brand new Game called Who’s Barking and Ciaran will go up against my partner in Crime Jen who is the mammy of Bruno & Milly. For our adoption corner for this week, we travel to Co. Wicklow to check out the wonderful dogs available for rehoming from Ash Animal Rescue. All this and more on Episode 5 of The Big Bark.

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