The Big Bark #01 – The Pilot

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Big Bark.In this episode, we give you a brief introduction into the life of our Podcast host Darragh Bourke and the ambitions and drives to becoming a canine psychologist.Topic 1: Raw Fed Diets – Raw Treats and food.We meet with Tony from the Barking Baker at The Milk Market in Limerick to discuss the wonderful 100% natural treats and hear a bit about how this wonderful company came into being.We also chat with Sarah from Raw Dry, a Meat based treat company specialising in the production of Beef & Chicken jerky. The only ingredient in these wonderful treats is 100% meat. We hear about Sarah’s journey from Kitchen to large scale production and discuss her journey to the shelves of big retailers.Topic 2: The Review of the control of Dogs act – Restricted breeds and regulation changes.We discuss the ongoing public consultation relating to the review of the control of dogs act and how the various proposals within the document could shift the regulations surrounding how dogs in Ireland are controlled, sold and bred.Topic 3: The need for a dog park in a city of 100k people.Limerick city, a city of over 100,000 people does not have a public dog park. It’s time to shift this and we chat to Tony regarding the regulations that would be required to be put in place and whats needed to make this a realityIntro Song: Demonization. Music Copyright of XTakeRux – Obtained by permission of Free Music Archive

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