The Big Bark Dog podcast #33 The importance of Pet insurance from a vets point of view – with John Garrahy of Treaty Veterinary Clinic

The Big Bark podcast Launch

Fresh off our first recording, we’re delighted to announce that our new Podcast series The Big bark will officially launch on the 8th of August 2019. Here is what The Big Bark is all about:

Each week on the show, we will be talking to different professionals working in the canine industry across Ireland, from Petshop owners to groomers, pet treat manufacturers, canine nutritionists, behaviour specialists and vets. We will be discussing hot topics with our puppy panel, reviewing the best products, food and treats, the best places to take your dog on a day out and most dog friendly venues in Ireland. We’ll have lots of fun along the way and of course we’ll be chatting with dog owners as well about their dogs to find out more about the bonds that make a dog man’s best friend.

Your host for this podcast is Darragh Bourke, a dog lover with a passion for canine psychology and behaviour. Darragh’s own dogs Bruno & Milly will also join in from time to time and will be sure to offer their own Big Bark along the way. Speaking ahead of the launch Darragh had this to say:

I’m thrilled to be behind this wonderful podcast. For me my love for dogs has dominated much of my life. I have had dogs for my whole life and this has over the last few years transitioned into a love for everything Canine psychology and behaviour related. Recently having completed my first Qualification in Canine Psychology, I am passionate about how the canine brain works and as I progress in my career, I do hope that this wonderful podcast can help me meet some of those people who have inspired me so much to date.

In the first podcast episode, Darragh chats about all things Treat related. Speaking with Tony from The Barking Baker a company operating from The Milk Market in Limerick city providing High quality Grain & Biscotti treats for your doggos. We had a wonderful chat with Tony about his experience as a dog trainer and how it lead him to making these wonderful treats.

We also chat with Sarah from Raw Dry – a High quality producer of Healthy dog meat treats. Sarah talks to us about her journey from Kitchen to Factory, from making a few bags of treats to becoming a large scale producer, the adventures, challenges along the way and what’s coming up for the Future.

We’ll be touching on a few other topics along the way including the public consultation for the review of the Control of Dogs Act, the legislation which determines the restricted breeds list and how a dog is classed as a restricted breed. The review looks at whether the restrictions and regulations currently enforced should be altered to include all dogs irrespective of breed or whether the burden of blame should lie with the owner. We discuss other fun topics along the way and have some fun meeting other dog owners.

The Big bark will be available to stream on all major Podcast platforms including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts & Itunes and Castbox as well as a host of others. We look forward to bringing these to you on a weekly basis.