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This week, we’re delighted to be joined by Louise Jones of Pawsitive Fitness. Something I’ve heard a lot about and pronounced so wrong over the years is the sport of cani-cross. (I still pronounce it wrong 5 times during the show).

On this weeks episode, Louise chats about how popular k9 sports such as Cani-cross as well as bikejoring and scootering have gotten in Ireland as well as giving a full run down of whats involved and what breeds are most able for these sports and of course how much muck and mud you’re going to have stuck to you by the end of each day. It’s a real fun episode where Louise compares these sports almost like Tough Mudder with your dog (of course Cani-cross & Bikejoring come without the torment and torture of soul sucking obstacles and electrocution in places where the sun dont shine – true story).

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