Listen to “The Big Bark Dog Podcast #28 A conversation about fear free & Force free Grooming with Dani Brady of Suds & Paws” on Spreaker.

The Big Bark dog podcast comes to you weekly from Limerick Ireland. With Host Darragh Bourke & canine co-hosts, the big bark talks about everything happening in the canine world.
We’re back this week in our renovated studio recording on our brand new Zoom Podtrak P4. Once again we have a brand new episode of The Big Bark dog podcast and joining us to chat about Fear free and force free grooming is Dani Brady of Suds & Paws Galway.
Dani discusses the various measures including relaxation, games based methods and utilising canine body language to relax dogs and get them to enjoy the grooming experience. Dani is Galways only fear free groomer and all of her doggy clients can’t wait to come visit her in the grooming salon.

Be sure to check out this very informative episode, you won’t want to miss it.

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