The host and producer of The Big Bark is dog lover Darragh, a dog owner with a passion for canine Psychology and behaviour. Darragh started this podcast on a voluntary basis in 2019 is joined for 2024 with a team that is made up 

I’m Darragh and I’m that crazy dog guy you hear about. In 2019, I decided I wanted to understand what my dogs were telling me, and I embarked on a crazy journey to obtain my diploma in Pet Psychology which has opened up my eyes to the extraordinary workings of a dogs mind. I wanted to share my knowledge with others and wanted to create a platform where dog owners could hear from all pet professionals in one place and thus, The Big Bark was born.

I have three beautiful dogs, who you see pictured with me here – Milly is a Golden labrador who loves attention more than anything – we call her the princess and then Bruno a Bloodrador (black Lab X Bloodhound) who can be a bit of a shy fellow but has a complete heart of gold. Roxy is a golden labrador who is a year old – all she wants to do is jump around so I think that should be her theme song when she comes into the studio. She chews everything, she digs the lawn, I call her a contractor because she starts digging up the weeds in one place and then jumps to another spot without finishing the first job. To say she is hard work would be an understatement but we’re having lots of fun along the way and Bruno and Milly have made a new best friend too.

I’ve been following a number of practices and training methods while training Roxy and the one piece of advice that I can offer is that patience is the most important aspect when training a puppy. It’s all starting to pay off now and Roxy has really become a wonderful member of our little family here.

For me, the bond that comes with having loyal companions such as Bruno, Milly  and Roxy is something that is irreplaceable. The loyalty, love and friendship that I share with these two beautiful souls is just wonderful. I’ve always been the type of person who values the friendship of dogs over that of humans and they have been a source of comfort to me in some of the worst times that I have experienced. I’m a strong believer that our dogs really do make our lives and our hearts feel whole.

As the host of the podcast, My goal is to share my experiences with my dogs to the world, have some great fun along the way and make friends with every dog out there. I’ll talk about how these dogs have guided me through days where I felt hope was lost. I’ll discuss with others, the positive impact that dogs have on your mental health and well being. I’ll also share of course, the happy moments and funny moments. I’ll bring you the best advice from the top canine professionals and will meet with business owners to discover what motivates them to work with dogs. As we enter our 4th season, we will have lots of new features coming to the show including a little feature called “What Roxy did” where I talk about the antics Roxy got up to the previous week.

Over the next year, I plan to take The Big Bark to new heights and make sure this show is recognised in every home, kennel and pet business across Ireland and beyond as the best doggy podcast on Spotify and Itunes. As always, The Big Bark will continue our abundant efforts to fundraise for as many dog related charities across Ireland through our annual Christmas campaign, bi annual raffles

Get ready, because Season 4 of The Big Bark podcast is going to be the best yet. I have a funky new theme song being written and a lot more to tease before the July 3rd launch date. Follow our insta and facebook for more.